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Engage your student-athletes. Game Plan will provide benefits to your academica advisors and student-athletes.

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Every year thousands of student-athletes enter colleges and universities across the country unaware of the challenges they are about to face. The rigors of intense practices, class schedules, coupled with the stress of preparing for life after college can put excessive pressure on even the most prepared.  At Game Theory Group, we offer a comprehensive program designed exclusively for student-athletes and college athletic departments with a focus on academic excellence, self-leadership and career development.

Our team of experts, many of which were former student-athletes, have been at the forefront of their respective industries. Our services and solutions stem from extensive research and firsthand experiences, which are introduced and offered to various universities through the  College Athletic Department.  Program support is then extended beyond the campus to ensure the existence of career opportunities for student-athletes through partnerships with Employers.

See how GamePlan provides benefit to:

  • College Athletic Departments — Learn how we tackle the challenges associated with engaging and managing your student-athlete for academic planning and leadership awareness.
  • Employers — Learn about our recruiting offering
  • Student-Athletes — Learn about the tools we employ on campus to assist you with your academic and career awareness as well as our career placement services which help you get your career started.

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