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WHO —  Game Theory Group

WHAT — Develops student-athletes from high school through college and ultimately into the workforce.

WHY — Game Theory Group has become a nationally trusted advisor to student-athletes, academic advisors, student-affairs, coaches and employers.

What’s your next play?


Student-athletes are the fuel for Game Theory Group’s collective engines. These talented individuals are recruited and referred to our professionals, as we seek to shape every client into a responsible and productive student athlete, prepping them to be contributing members of the professional society.


Experiencing the challenges associated with college athletics and transitioning into the workforce firsthand, we center our approach around helping student-athletes bridge the gap between college athletics and academics, and then between a college career and a professional career.


Game Theory Group provides employers access to one of the most employable pools of talent in the country: student-athletes.

Game Plan

Game Theory Group has designed three integral levels of professional assistance, assessment, and guidance to aid in every student-athlete’s transitional journey.

Game Theory Group’s professionals and developers work with hundreds of athletic departments and employers to help student-athletes in their respective transitional periods to better aide in their continuing education, sporting lives and professional career paths.

Comprehensive Student-Athlete Development

Helping student-athletes and their stakeholders successfully transition from high school to college and ultimately into the workforce.

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